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An adrenal fatigue diet is a nutritional plan that has been specifically formulated to combatadrenal fatigue. In alternative medicine, adrenal fatigue is a condition where the adrenal gland is thought suffer a decreased ability to synthesize sufficient levels of cortisol and other hormones. It is thought that the condition may be brought on by excess stress, and that it can be treated with supplements or dietary changes. Some of the changes involved in an adrenal fatigue diet typically include eating a variety of high-quality protein sources and vegetables, while staying away from certain fruits and avoiding white flour and sugar altogether.
The purpose of an adrenal fatigue diet is to naturally support the adrenals with a regular intake of natural, healthy food. This usually involves eating four to five times a day, with the first meal ideally coming soon after waking. It is thought that adrenal fatigue is compounded by, or associated with, low blood sugar, so it is important to boost the blood sugar early in the morning with a healthy meal. It is often suggested to follow that with an early lunch, a healthy afternoon snack, and an early dinner. Additionally, it may be recommended to have a light snack a few hours before bed.

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